Ted Knapp – ABOUT ME





I love hearing people tell me about me, my closest friends included. How great I have it. How easy my life is. I smile all the time and I am always laughing and having fun when I am with people. That is because I keep my real world inside. No one knows what I deal with on a daily basis and no one ever will. If I am sad, if I am in pain, if I am lonely all you will see is a smile. If I am depressed, if I am worried or if I am nervous, all you will hear is my laughter.  Behind my smile is a story you would never understand. I am thankful for my struggles. Without them I would never have found out what my strengths were, so I could use them to beat my struggles

So, the “about me” page is whatever anyone wants it to be. If you have assumed one thing or another about me, then just assume that I wrote that here.

Some things about me that are true that I will share.

My Family Rocks.

I am blessed to have the 2 greatest parents in the world and I am sure a lot of people say that, but I know it for certain. I just wish more people could have experienced what I have experienced. Their sacrifices for their children. Their unconditional love and support that they have shown me my entire life. Their ability to know when to kick my ass when I needed it. They worked real hard all their lives, but always made time for their kids.  I was raised in a safe and loving home with family values and we always had whatever was needed but not whatever we wanted. I am blessed to still have them in my life and that they still put up with me. At times in my life, I wasn’t always the best son. My priorities were fucked up, to be honest. I am glad I was able to fix realize that many years ago. I would have missed out on having the relationship I have with them. I know I tell you this every day, but one more time won’t hurt...I love you Mom & Dad, You guys are the greatest.

I am the gypsy, the road warrior, the “middle child”. As much as I am away from the rest of my family, I could not be closer. I have an incredible sister who is probably my best friend that I don’t talk to all that much. She is the one person that I know has my back 24/7. My brother, I don’t see all that often. Between me not living near him and my all to short unplanned visits to his area, it just never happens. However, one phone call either way in an emergency, we are there for each other,

I was also given some very special gifts in my life, that I could try to explain, but you could never understand.

The first gift was a man named “Honey”. He held me when I was born and I held him when he passed. What happened in between those two days was absolutely amazing and once again, I can say I was blessed. The second is a woman named “Donna” I can’t talk about either of them without getting emotional. Without Donna, I might not be alive today and if I was, I might not be the person I am today. What do you say to a person who not only saved your life, but gave you back almost all of what I had, so that you can have a life?  You can only say, Thank You…I love you! You are an angel on earth.


Then, there is this girl. There is always a girl. A lot of people had a lot of opinions about her and I, but once again, those people had no clue and could only be so lucky to have shared what we had shared in those 3 years. If you were some of my “closest” friends that judged me, trust me, I knew it or heard about it. Do you think we didn’t realize that there were 35 years between us?  Trust me when I tell you, she is wise beyond her years and intelligent as can be and her inner beauty is as incredible as her outer beauty. It is a shame that some couldn’t see it for what it was/is. In as much as we are no longer together, we will never be apart. You should only be so lucky to have someone like Ashley in your life.  And yes, to Ashley I also want to say, Thank You, I love you. It was the 3 best years of my life. One Love, One Heart. Always.




Yeah, there is another girl too, but that is a different story completely. She knows who she is and I am not mentioning names.

There is a connection there that will be there forever and I am pretty sure it is nothing like you are probably thinking. To her I also say Thank You.

That is about as much as you are going to get from me…Feel free to make up the rest to fit your imagination